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Growth marketing

Interim Digital Growth & CX Expert

Stop selling, start helping... My name is Joris Sjamaar and I help companies grow in satisfied customers and profit through digital strategies. Thanks to my experience at Coolblue, I know how you can really let the customer be the starting point for innovations.

Interim solutions

Interim growth hacker for scale-ups


Get help from an experienced digital strategist and accelerate online growth. For scale-up marketers and business owners who do not have the resources for maximum results.


Interim service designer for corporates


Design unique customer experiences and increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS). For e-commerce and B2B marketers who want to grow together sustainably.


Interim product owner for web and app


Gain a competitive advantage? As a digital product owner, I help you create and carefully prioritize a backlog that matches the strategy and objectives.


Interim e-commerce or digital manager


I am happy to help with the temporary management of your e-commerce or digital marketing department. I am also available as project manager for corporates.


WordPress webdevelopment for entrepreneurs


Bring your business to life with a premium responsive WordPress website. Ensure that your (potential) customers have a unique experience with your company.


Interim paid media performance marketeer


Accelerate online growth by improving Google and Social Media Ads. Or let me help you increase your organic search traffic and visibility in search engines.


Projects completed at corporates
Years of experience in online journeys
Scale-ups helped to grow sustainably
Years of experience as interim consultant
Krijg digital growth hacks per mail!

Joris Sjamaar

Creating a conversion funnel? That’s no longer a challenge. Google Ads campaigns are no longer new either. But building an online customer journey that is seamlessly aligned and that is largely automated at the back, remains a major challenge for companies. Let alone measuring this customer journey in the right way.

Welcome to my website. My name is Joris Sjamaar and I have 10+ years of experience in e-commerce and B2B customer journeys. I grew up in Brabant and studied marketing at Tilburg University. After that I moved to Amsterdam for love and the best jobs. In addition to my interim jobs at corporates and scale-ups, I own a sports platform called CrossAthletes and I build premium WordPress websites.

I don’t believe in channel thinking, I believe in customer journeys. Customers don’t think in terms of channels, but assess the total experience with your company and this is always a combination of touchpoints. By genuinely helping (potential) customers and offering a unique experience in every phase, you do the very best marketing. This will give you a competitive advantage and ensure that people will talk about you on birthdays.

The digital revolution has changed marketing. Technology enables us to connect more effectively with (potential) customers on a large scale. Marketing is also becoming increasingly data-driven. Gaining insight into what drives your customers will make the difference in every touchpoint. With a strong background in online marketing, product management and CX, I help companies grow in more satisfied customers and profit.

It’s impressive how Joris is able to breakdown complex customer journeys and makes them easy to understand for the rest of the team.

Thijs Verhoef
Product Owner at Coolblue

Joris helped us in an amazing way by making an entire new website. He has the ability to make online marketing fun and in a way that we can learn from every step in the process.

Remy Groenendaal
Owner at Eden

Joris has the rare talent to be both the abstract thinking, highly strategic board advisor as well the hands-on technical marketing expert.

Huub Schuijn
Marketing Manager at International Bike Group
Make the customer the hero of your story.

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